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Our Products - Gutter Stuff

Eliminate Clogged Gutters with Gutter Stuff! Call for a FREE estimate today!

Gutter Stuff is a polyether filter insert for 5” and 6” K gutters. Gutter Stuff inserts into the gutter under the spikes or hangers and completely fills the space across the gutter to allow only water to pass through while leaves, twigs, and any other debris are prevented from entering the gutter. They simply dry up and blow off. Gutter Stuff sits snugly inside the gutter, unseen from street level. It is amazing in its effectiveness at sealing out debris, while allowing enormous volumes of water to pass through quickly and without overflow. Its inherent polyether property makes it inhospitable to fungus, mold and mildew; and because it fills the gutter it deprives birds, bees, and mosquitoes of some of their favorite breeding grounds. Gutter Stuff has been field tested for many years in all types of weather and under many types of debris conditions.

The exterior grade polyether has performed consistently well, its water carrying capacity does not diminish, and it does not deteriorate, and it resists physical stress extremely well. Year after year, it continues to shed off leaves and debris while allowing the gutters to control the water flow from the roof, through the gutter system and away form the home.

Unlike other conventional gutter protection products, it will not clog, collapse, or be damaged by falling debris. It will not dent, bend or crack like aluminum. It will not blow away like screens. Installation is so easy and quick. There are no screws to screw into the roof or shingles to be lifted (risking braking and cracking). Gutter Stuff preserves the curb appeal of any home being completely invisible from street level, unlike any other gutter covers or guards.

Gutter Stuff is simply a very complete and thorough gutter protection. It carries a 25-year, no clog warranty with practically no call-backs for service or cleaning. Gutter Stuff guarantees customer satisfaction.

Gutter Stuff can be installed professionally by Rain Control who will also service or correct any deficiencies in your rain gutter system. Or, for the willing and able, Gutter Stuff can be installed by the homeowner.

Without a doubt, Gutter Stuff is the most practical type of leaf protection system, by far the easiest to install, and very cost effective when compared to aluminum gutter covers and guards.

So call today to eliminate dangerous gutter cleaning from your list of “honey-dos”. Eliminate the risk of falling off your ladder of roof. Protect your home from damage to foundations or basements from overflow. Protect your family from mosquito born diseases and increase the life of your gutter by eliminating weighty leaves, debris, ice and snow. Call for a FREE estimate today!

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